Blood sample

Blood sample for genetic testing in dogs and cats should be taken by a veterinarian. Procedure of blood withdrawal for genetic testing:

  • Use sterile needle for each animal.
  • Withdraw 0.5 – 1.0 mL of non-coagulated blood into a test tube containing EDTA (violet top).
  • Gently mix by inverting tube several times in order to mix anticoagulant and blood. Do not send coagulated blood because it is inappropriate for further analysis.
  • Clearly label the tube (animal's name or sign, name of the owner, date of sampling).
  • Store the sample in refrigerator (+4°C – DO NOT FREEZE THE SAMPLE). Send sample as soon as possible.
  • Send sample together with order form in a cushioned envelope that prevents tube damage during the transport.


Order blood sampling kit

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