Excersise induced collapse (EIC)

Exercise induced collapse (EIC)is a hereditary disease that can be tested with a DNA test. EIC is a syndrome affecting Labrador retrievers, especially dogs that are used for hunting and field trials. Five to fifteen minutes of strenuous exercise causes a dog to suffer from this condition and develops a wobblygait, which soon progresses to non-painful, flaccid paraparesis and a loss of control of the rear limbs. The episode may progress to all four limbs. Collapse episodes usually last for 510 min, and after 30 min there is often complete recovery, but episodes are occasionally fatal. The rectal temperature of dogs during an episode typically reaches 41.7 C (from a resting temperature of 39 C). Episodes occur more commonly in temperamental animals that are more excited under stress. However mild and moderate exercise (walking, swimming) are usually well tolerated and do not result in collapse.

Inheritance: autosomal recessiveread more

Mutation: DNM1 gene

Genetic test: The method used for genetic testing is extremely accurate and allows complete differentiation between affected animals, carriers and healthy dogs. DNA testing can be done at any age.

Disease control: read more

DNA test sample: EDTA whole blood (1.0 ml) or buccal swabs. Detailed information about sampling can be found here.


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  • You can order free sampling kit.
  • Only one sample is required for each animal, even if you order several tests.
  • Samples are stored for the option to order additional tests.
  • We offer expert assistance in interpreting the results.
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