Our laboratory

The EVG laboratory is specialized in genetic testing for animals. We work with many animal owners, breeders and veterinary clinics in Slovenia, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Our story

The EVG laboratory started operating in 2010 with the desire to offer veterinarians and animal owners specialist diagnostic services that had not been available in Slovenia until then. The beginnings of the company were based on the enthusiasm of colleagues from scientific research circles, who saw in genetic testing of animals an opportunity for their entrepreneurial activity. With hard work, professionalism, enthusiasm and a positive approach, we have brought the company from humble beginnings to the present day, when the company employs six experts in the fields of genetics, veterinary medicine, economics and IT. Our offer includes more than 250 different tests in the field of genetics, allergies and endocrinology. In more than 10 years of operation, we have gained the trust of most veterinary clinics in Slovenia and many veterinarians, animal owners and breeders in Slovenia, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Our customers come from 47 countries around the world.

Our services

The laboratory specializes in genetic testing for animals and is equipped with high-performance modern molecular genetic equipment that allows us to provide fast and quality analysis. The primary activity of the laboratory is genetic testing for the customers (pet owners, breeders, veterinary clinics). In cooperation with leading European laboratories we also offer allergy (Nextmune) and endocrinological tests (Nationwide Specialist Laboratories).

Our commitment to quality

We pay a lot of attention to quality assurance, which is demonstrated by the quality management system certificate (ISO 9001:2015) and regular international interlaboratory controls of the ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics). All genetic analysis are performed in accordance with internationally established standards, and all results are checked and verified by two experts. We are a member of ISAG and a member and sponsor of the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD), which advocates for the advancement and standardization of genetic testing in dogs. You will also find our laboratory listed in independent international databases of WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) and IPFD.

Mission of the company

To offer veterinarians and animal owners modern specialist laboratory services that will help them detect diseases, hereditary disease genotypes and hereditary physical characteristics. With the help of our services, they will be able to make appropriate decisions regarding the breeding and treatment of animals.

Company vision

We will become a global provider of specialist laboratory services for animals and one of the leading providers of molecular genetic tests for animals on the European market. We will maintain the position as leading genetic testing provider on the domestic market. We will achieve these goals by continuous investment in development, new technologies and personnel training.

Company values

Knowledge, professionalism, quality, speed, trust, conscientious performance of work tasks, efficiency, fulfillment of requirements, continuous improvement, communication, ability to work in a team.

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