S locus

With S locus DNA test you can determine the coat color. White spotting patterns occur in many dog breeds. The genetic determination of white spotting in dogs is complex and it has been found that is associated with Microphthalmia Associated Transcription Factor gene (MITF). Short interspersed nucleotide element (SINE) is responsible if the dog is spotted or not.

All dogs that are homozygous for the SINE insertion (genotype sp/sp) have white markings that cover either ventral surface (mantle pattern) or most of the body (piebald or extreme white spotting). Expression of white patterns varies from breed to breed and among individuals within a breed.

In most breeds, dogs heterozygous for the SINE insertion (genotype S/sp) are solid colour or have minimal white, such as on the toes. In some breeds, heterozygotes have white undersides, often with a white collar- the pattern is called pseudo-Irish.

All dogs without SINE insertion (genotype S/S) are solid or single-coloured.

This DNA test is specific for the SINE mutation in MITF gene known to be associated with random white spotting - piebald. For genetic testing of Irish spotting, a symmetrical white marking, this test is not appropriate. 

Inheritance: autosomal co-dominantread more

Mutation: MITF gene

DNA test sample: EDTA whole blood (1.0 ml) or buccal swabs. Detailed information about sampling can be found here.


48.80 €

  • You can order free sampling kit.
  • Only one sample is required for each animal, even if you order several tests.
  • Samples are stored for the option to order additional tests.
  • We offer expert assistance in interpreting the results.
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